Over the past several years, the U.S. government has created a fully federally funded marriage-promotion movement and industry comprised of faith-based and community organizations. Through such ideologically motivated schemes as the Healthy Marriage Initiative, abstinence-only-until-marriage programs, and faith-based programs such as those funded through the Compassion Capital Fund, the federal government has put itself in the business of promoting and privileging particular types of individuals and families, while penalizing and stigmatizing others.

Sold as public health and social welfare programs, these programs are using billions of federal taxpayer dollars to push a narrow, conservative agenda that promotes heterosexual marriage above all else-above public health, medical opinion, scientific evidence, and basic human rights. Most importantly, they push this policy above what the evidence tells us is the most effective way to help people make healthy life decisions in the long term and ensure that they live full and productive lives.

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