Creationism dismissed as ‘a kind of paganism’ by Vatican’s astronomer

SCOTSMAN — Believing that God created the universe in six days is a form of superstitious paganism, the Vatican astronomer Guy Consolmagno claimed yesterday.

Brother Consolmagno, who works in a Vatican observatory in Arizona and as curator of the Vatican meteorite collection in Italy, said a “destructive myth” had developed in modern society that religion and science were competing ideologies.

He described creationism, whose supporters want it taught in schools alongside evolution, as a “kind of paganism” because it harked back to the days of “nature gods” who were responsible for natural events.



  1. Thank you for posting this, and many recent articles. I feel that half of the fascinating articles that I find on the web come through this site, and they often raise many questions and thoughts about myths, dreams, and modernity that I am trying to address in my own writing.

    Thanks again, and keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks, Tait! Nice to know we’re doing something helpful!

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