Plan 9 From Outer Space

“Fears of an alien invasion created greater alarm in the US than the threat of a Soviet nuclear attack, writes Philippe Mora.

In January 1979, The New York Times reported that despite repeated, feverish denials, the CIA had indeed investigated the UFO phenomenon: “CIA Papers Detail UFO Surveillance” screamed the headline. The report is said to have so upset the then CIA director, Stansfield Turner, that he reportedly asked his staff: “Are we in UFOs?” The answer was yes – since the late 1940s, apparently. But exactly how, what, when, why and who remained layered in mystery, leaving grist for the conspiracy mill.

But this year a raft of newly unclassified CIA documents revealed that the remote possibility of alien invasion elicited greater fear than the threat of a Soviet nuclear attack.”

via The Sydney Morning Herald

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  1. Holy Fucking Shit! (or how I sobered up in 5 minutes or less):

    I had a few drinks with some friends and needed to sober up, so I stepped outside to get some fresh air. There was an older tattooed man with a cane sitting on a bench having a ciggarette. We started talking about the government and various conspiracies, when he told me that he was a former Air Force Vet, and was offered the Congressional Medal of Honor by Truman. He said he basically sent a letter back to Truman telling him to to ‘stick it up his ass’. Said he was there when the whole Area 51 thing went down, and was still waiting for the ‘payments’ for it. Said that their lives were ‘threatened’ if anything was ‘revealed’ (ala Vince Foster,etc ad infinitum).
    Now, I’ve met thousands of people in my life and am very good at reading body language. I believe that what I read from him wasn’t a ‘lie’…But I’m also a skeptic, and question everything I hear, read or see. There were some thing’s that this dude told me that only an insider would know…..I’m going to try to catch him tomorrow, to see if I can get more info…. Maybe bullshit, maybe not…lol.

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