New guest bloggers: TiamatsVision and Danny Chaoflux

Please welcome TiamatsVision and Danny Chaoflux to Technoccult. Danny is the designer of the Technoccult logo, and my co-conspirator for both Portland Occulture and Esozone. And you probably know TiamatsVision for her prolific commenting here at Technoccult. I’m looking forward to seeing what they share with us.

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  1. Yeah…, my bad! It’s Tiamat’s Vision, not Taimats Vision. When I was emailing you, I was multi-tasking and misspelled. Never do 6 things at once and expect to excel at any one of them.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to working with Klint and Danny. I originally found Technoccult when I was posting on the old Key 23. So, many of you have dealt with me through various nyms(it’s more fun that way) on the old Key 23 site. Thanks for the welcome Klint.

    What’s Tiamat’s Vision? Nobody knows. Marduk cut her head off before she could tell anyone.

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