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During the course of researching The Process Church of the Final Judgement I was naturally reminded of the “other” Process: the collective founded by Ogre, Genesis P. Orridge and others. Explaining the Process is sort of difficult, but Wikipedia explains it thusly:

The Process is an art and philosophy collective formed in the early 1990s. The idea was initially birthed at the same time as, and with a subset of the same people from, the studio work for the Skinny Puppy album The Process, though the direct interrelation ends there. Some of the early contributors included Nivek Ogre, Genesis P-Orridge, William Morrison, and Loki der Quaeler.

I was a member of the Process mailing list, drawn in by the Skinny Puppy connection, starting sometime in 1996 1997, but I was pretty much only a lurker (I don’t remember ever contributing). It was an early exposure to fringe thinking (this was before I’d stumbled across Disinfo), and I loved it even though I probably didn’t understand half of what the conversations were about. Looking back now, I guess it was a pretty big influence on me.

Messages still come across the wire every once in a while, mostly “hey does anyone still read this list?” messages. I actually managed to spark some life into it a couple years ago, indirectly with this post that got picked up by Disinfo. Members saw the Disinfo post and weren’t happy with being called a cult or the claim that it was started by Ogre and GPO. Oops.

Also, syncroniciously, two active contributors to the list, JFitz and Phil Farber, were online acquaintances of Danny Chaoflux around the same time he was being introduced to occulty memes.

Oh, someone recently started a web forum called The Process Underground.

More info:

The Process web site (Perpetually under construction…)

A partial reassembly of the original site.

Phil Farber interviews with Ogre and Genesis P. Orridge.


  1. I kind of know how you feel, I jump around and read from all of these hyper culture bloggers, news sites, forums.. and I have yet to really understand everything that is contained or spoken about (even after all this time).. but they have had a large influence on my life over the years in thought and the want for truth.

  2. Yeah, I guess I still read a lot of stuff that I don’t understand. But as a 15 year old kid in Wyoming, the Process list was particularly cryptic to me.

  3. It’s okay, we only half knew what we were talking about at the time too, we were just better at hiding it.

    One of these days I’m going to have to do a follow up to my Process years. The Process is so woven completely into my life, in terms of friends, associates and other oddities, that I can honestly say that an e-mail list changed my life, and for the better. I have been really entertained to see aspects of that experiment resurfacing over the last year, with people being interested in knowing what we had been up to and what we were about. If anyone feel like dropping me a line on the topic, feel free.

    As for the brain-mangling I gave Danny in his youth, I take no responsibility, but a fair bit of pride, in what he’s decided to do with (or in spite of) it.

  4. I just remembered that I did contribute somewhat to the Process… I put some music that I made on the FTP site and may have even sent an e-mail to the list about it.

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