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Fell and his doppelg?nger need your help

Over the course of my life, I’ve had a doppelg?nger that communicates with me in my REM sleep. It’s tried to teach me things with the explicitly difficult task of translating them from a sort of knowledge that exists in REM sleep to the sort of knowledge we all have the pitifully deal with while in a wake state. Perfectly understandable processes in my dreams – things easy enough to understand, I know my dream-self is pondering them – become difficult-to-grasp concepts upon waking and I quickly lose my grasp of them.

In the past, my doppelg?nger has taught me a number of actions and concepts that have successfully translated into my real-world. One example was when I was in my teenage years, it taught me to tie my tie properly. I’d went to sleep without any experience and only the faintest idea of how ties worked. The next morning, I tied my tie for work that day with ease.

Unfortunately, flying using nothing more than my thoughts to cancel the effects of physics upon myself has never taken hold. My doppelg?nger has, on numerous occasions, attempted to illustrate how easy it is to rise up against gravity. I know in my dreams how it feels to flick these certain psychic switches, and am even aware of the sensations necessary to replicate the effects. However, upon waking I lose any grasp I had of the process.

While I don’t know if flying up into the air using nothing more than a few perceptual switches will ever happen in my lifetime, there is something it was trying to teach me this morning. And which I’ve promptly lost my grasp of, of course.

A model was made apparent to me this morning, of transactions of how our Western education system affects us in our youth. Patterns were distinguished unto me, allowing me to discern how they transgress from those school years to adulthood. Unfortunately, what seemed so simple in my dream this morning (simple enough, I told myself, “Ha, I won’t have any problem remembering this and I can write it down when I wake up,”), well, it’s lost to me now. Sad. I really want to explore this in some upcoming articles I am writing for the newspaper, as well as for other business pursuits I have.

Any of Klint’s great readers out there have any tools, exercises, or anything that can aid in my conceptual recall? I need a translation tool from epistemological state to the next. Any ideas?

Rare dead star found near Earth

Astronomers have spotted a space oddity in Earth’s neighbourhood – a dead star with some unusual characteristics.

The object, known as a neutron star, was studied using space telescopes and ground-based observatories.

But this one, located in the constellation Ursa Minor, seems to lack some key characteristics found in other neutron stars.

Full Story: BBC.

(via Notes from Somewhere Bizarre).

Plausible Time Travel Machine Outlined

“A new concept for a time machine could possibly enable distant future generations to travel into the past, research now suggests. “

Popular Item That Should Come with a Warning Label

bible warning label

Full sized image on American Samizdat.

The Right to Be a Sleazebag

Jack McClellan was arrested in Los Angeles yesterday for exercising his First Amendment right to freedom of speech. Well, officially he was arrested for violating a restraining order that forbids him to come within 10 yards of any minor in California. But the restraining order was issued based on his public discussion (online, on TV, and in print) of his sexual attraction to little girls, coupled with the perfectly legal photographs of (clothed) girls that he took in public places and posted on his now-defunct website (which was shut down by the company that provided his server space due to public complaints). McClellan, who has never been convicted of a sex crime, says he has never acted on his impulses and will not as long as doing so remains illegal. According to Fox News, he “said he created the Web site to promote association, friendship and legal, consensual cuddling between men and pre-pubescent girls.”

Full Story: Hit and Run.

Blows Against the Empire: The Return of Philip K. Dick

Until his death, of a stroke, in 1982, Dick never stopped crying out. He was buried at last beside his infant sister, Jane, the missing half he had longed for and eventually made into a part of his cosmic mythology, the much mourned female God. The vision of an unending struggle between a humanity longing for a fuller love it always senses but can’t quite see, and a deranged cult of violence eternally presenting itself as necessary and real-this thought today does not seem exactly crazy. The empire never ends.

The New Yorker: Blows Against the Empire

(via Hit and Run)

The prescience of Max Headroom

Alterati reviews the most prescient aspects of the 1987 TV series Max Headroom:

Short Advertisements
Computer Generated Composite Photos
Integrated Corporate Information Systems
Every Information Device Connected
Cash Free Society
One (Token) Ring To Rule Them All

Full Story: Alterati.

Alterati round-up of water fueled cars

Once the subject of science fiction and conspiracy theory, at least three different cars fueled by water are waiting to enter the market place.

Full Story: Alterati.

Ikipr’s esoZone coverage

Ikipr’s posted a bunch of esoZone coverage, including audio from the art panel and some great interviews.

esoZone on Steal This Knowledge.

Burning Man tries to cope with cash

But in an analysis of the organization’s tax filings by Charity Navigator, a New Jersey-based nonprofit watchdog group, the Black Rock Arts Foundation earned an “exceptionally poor” rating. The analyst found errors in reporting, a low revenue-to-grant ratio that showed artists receive on average 27 cents for every $1 spent – less than half the industry standard – and a conflict of interest involving David Best, a local artist best known for his intricate temples that rise at Burning Man.

Sandra Miniutti, an analyst at Charity Navigator who reviewed the filings at the request of The Chronicle, said donors to the foundation should be concerned by its poor practices.

“This is not a financially healthy organization,” Miniutti said. “If I were a donor, I’d think long and hard before I sent money their way.”

Full Story: SF Gate.

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