(Video hosted by Altertube, filmed by Vincent of C-Pan.

More esoZone stuff… you’ll have to bear with me for a bit as most of what I’ll be posting for a bit will be esoZone material (haven’t had much time to think about much else lately). Here is Wes’s closing address. I don’t quite recall what I said in my intro to Wes before he came on, but during his speech Wes said he wasn’t quite sure why he was picked. I just found the e-mail I sent to some of the organizers making the case for Wes:

I’d like the conference to end on a positive note that makes people excited. [Wes has a good] relationship to the occult community [because] Wes is actively working on interesting magical approaches and sharing his work with the community. In other words, Wes doesn’t go around telling people what to do or not to do, but goes around telling people what he is doing.

Download 51.5 MB Quicktime file.