Daniel Tammet, incredible depth of understanding and learning

A remarkable young man, exhibiting stunning mental abilities. Daniel Paul Tammet born 31 Jan 1979 claims to see colours and sparks, which he can somehow relate to words and numbers. Scientists consider him a gold mine to further investigation into the understanding of brain activity and potential. (Link to article continued.)


  1. It would have been cool if they talked about the results of an fMRI (which I think is a safe bet to say that they have done one) just to show how his brain is working when he is doing math problems.

  2. Thanks for the link, Cap’n.

    Tammy, I agree. It’s odd these tv spots. If it measures as most interesting, it is cut in. If not, it’s cut out. A quick search of Wikipedia turns up nothing. Perhaps they’ve kept it private for the family?

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