Robert Anton Wilson works available for download

From Frequency 23:

Robert Anton Wilson’s death signifies the dawn of a new generation of alternative philosophers/seekers – it’s with this in mind we are attempting to centralize his data for their consumption and benefit Download Raw Pack I + The Illuminati Papers Torrent Link for RAW pack II

RAW Pack I
contains Text of:

Schrodinger’s Cat Trilogy
Prometheus rising
Quantum Psychology
The Sex Magicians
Illuminatus Trilogy
Mask of the Illuminati
Principia Discordia
Excerpts and interviews
Also Download: The Illuminati Papers

RAW Pack II (is a torrent) which Contains Audio of:
Audio Interview on Disinfonation
Nova Connection 16 – Burroughs, Gysin, Leary and Wilson
Language and Reality
Namu Amida Buddha
Quantum Psychology
Secrets of Power
Techniqeus for Conciousness change
The Acceleration of Knowledge
The Leary Grid
Timothy Leary’s Death
On Conspiracy Theories
On The Church of the Subgenius

Also of course Check his video lecture The I in triangle Pt. I & II.

Uploaded Kindly by Greylodge.

These are RARed files, use the program over @ to
extract them, the text varies from .pdf, .rtf, .html and so forth. You
will need a torrent client to hop on downloading the RARed audio in

care of

For more on Robert Anton Wilson, check out our dossier on him.


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  5. The links to the torrents are expired/not working? Can anyone help? What an amazing treasure. . . check out for some great interviews with R.A.W. Thanks!

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    I am speechles of this amazing collection but it seems that the links don/t work… 🙁
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