Norway to host Witchcraft Experts

A small Northern European town will host three days of lectures, discussions, and film showings as the International Midnight Sun Witchcraft Conference descends on Vardo, Norway. The conference is being hosted by universities from the United States and Scandinavia, and will also feature discussions on shamanism and on the issue of cultural persecutions of witchcraft, both in a historical context and in examples from around the world in the modern day.
The original article (complete with stereotype-propagating image and obligatory Harry Potter mention) from BBC News.

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  1. That was my issue with the story. Do we really want a cult of authenticity floating around traditions that are just cultural mixtapes at best, and in some cases, at worst, complete fabrications….

  2. We have a website, come and check it out.
    I am a eclectic solitary witch…
    Magick is alive, magick with a k personifies witchcraft to the witch, it differentiates,
    magic of a magician, to real magick, that exists, if we push our will, focus and have intent..

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