1. IMPRESSIVE and ALARMING. I always wondered at Hunter’s demise. His murder makes more sense that a homicide.

  2. Um – ain’t murder and homicide the same thing, Frank Blank…? 🙂

  3. It was suicide… ask any one who was there Like Juan Thompson(his son and my close friend) or Bob Braduas the sheriff … the only thing about the act that was a supprize was the timing again… see what Juan and Anita say

  4. So your saying it was a suicide.Do you know then of any evidence hunter s thompson had of 911 being a controlled demo ,heard he had evidence and thats why he was whacked and made to look like suicide

    • No ….. I am saying you are crazy conspiracy nut …..no one ever could sneak up on Hunter @ owl farm ….. If you think it was murder please send me your drugs az they are better than mine!!!!!

  5. Of course he was murdered. you think they kill thousands of people and then let him off the hook? No he killed himself cause he had nothing to live for anymore. Like his work. or his family, or his vast fortunes he’d amassed. clueless fucking americans

    • No it wasn’t .. why do conspiracy nut jobs do this he took his life like Hemingway …. You dishonor the man by even implying that somone could sneak up on him without any return fire…

  6. well…if you’re familiar with any ov his earlier works. one would then think he /could”/could not” have some type ov expose’ in the works. however the lack credibility on both sides ov the account seems strange. this is mei simple ego belief. that he was triggered/ to kill himself. just as we’re being trigged to fire this discussion. don’t think for a second we cannot be imprinted.

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