Wealth magic anthology looking for contributions

Taylor Ellwood is editing a new Immanium Press anthology on wealth magic, and is looking for contributors.


It should be an article on finances…it can be personal finances, business finances, something along those lines. You can feel free to email me with questions. The article should also contain a focus on magic and incorporating into how you deal with wealth. The magic can range from metamorphic (internal transformation) to practical magic used in everyday situations. Also articles can deal with situations where wealth magic didn’t work out, with a thorough explanation of why it didn’t work out. Don’t hesitate to bounce ideas off of me or ask questions.

length: 3,000 to 7,000 words.

Deadline: Rough draft is due June 30th, no exceptions!!! This gives you three months to come up with an article.

Citation Style. We will be using APA style citation for this anthology. For more information on that please go To this site

You’ll note the hanging indentations for the bibliography. Please DO NOT indent your citations. I will make sure that the layout person does this.

What contributors get: Contributors will receive a one time fee of $25.00 for their work, payable when the first royalties for the book come in (More details about this are provided in the contract). Contributors also get one free copy of the anthology and 40% off the cover price of other copies they choose to order.

To contact me with questions or articles please email me at this address: taylor@spiralnature.com


  1. Thanks for the heads-up 🙂

  2. Twenty-five dollars for 3000+ words? Good luck- that’s not even a penny a word.

  3. I rarely see small press anthologies offer any compensation beyond a contributor’s copy (and in the days of POD, sometimes not even that is offered). This may be the first small press occult anthology I’ve seen offer cash for articles. Hundreds of books and magazines come out every month articles written for less than a penny a word.

  4. CapitalistOccultist

    March 29, 2007 at 11:25 pm

    Yeah,okay…. but common sense tells me that if I have a ritual that works and helped me to gain a few grand, I certainly wouldn’t be revealing it to the public for 25 bucks.

  5. Small or not, the irony of such a small offer for a book on WEALTH MAGIC is just too damned funny.

  6. The irony really is that you wouldn’t have had anything to laugh about if there was no monetary offer in the first place.

  7. How do youy figure THAT?

  8. Just a note that the site to the guide for APA citation is this one:


    Thank you!

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