Does anyone else find the timing of the release of 300, a movie portraying Persians as inhuman monsters, ironic?

I can’t seem to find any stills of the Persians in the movie look like, but in the trailer I saw they looked like black, deformed beasts (sort of like the Orcs from the first LOTR movie).

A few words from 300 writer Frank Miller about Bush and the War:

“I think that the president has done a very, very bad job of explaining things, but the more I research it, the more I think the war with Iraq makes sense – which I didn’t at first think. I see this Bush as a guy who thinks like a street fighter. He’s going into a very bad neighborhood and taking out the biggest bully in order to make the rest of them back off. That’s how I see the psychology. I feel that we’re all in WWIII and it’s an existential war just like WWII was, and it’s one that has to be won. I think how to get there is a totally debatable topic, but I don’t think we can exactly say that if we stop being so mean, Osama bin Laden will like us. The guy’s a psychopath! [S]o I guess I define my position as being a liberal hawk.”

– The Comics Journal Library, Volume Two: Frank Miller.