Exploring the Mind-Body Orgasm

Komisaruk: Orgasms have been described as being elicitable from any part of the body — the mouth, the nipples, the anus, the hand. It leads us to think that there is a general orgasmic principle of building up excitation from different parts of the body leading to a climax and a resolution — not necessarily ending in ejaculation, but a feeling of an orgasmic experience.

Whipple: We have documented in our laboratory that women can have orgasms from imagery alone without touching their body. The point is that women can experience orgasms and sexual pleasure from many forms of stimuli. It does have not have to be through genital stimulation.

WN: What are we learning about these non-genital orgasms?

Whipple: That they’re real. We may have to reconsider what people define as orgasms, and not just have it defined in the genitals. We find that certain of the same brain areas are activated during orgasms experienced by imagery only (as during genital orgasms).

Full Story: Wired News.

(plus: Sex Research Devices).


  1. well, i guess that orgasms are possible without genital stimulation isn’t going to be news to sleeping adolescents… me, i just have to sit back, relax and think about women dressed way too young, a twintub of animal tranquilisers and an electrical sander…

  2. That’s how i had my first orgasm, through imagery alone. Did i share too much?

  3. One would hope the law would catch up with science and stop saying Body Part X is sexual and must be covered, while Body Part Y is not sexual and may be displayed. Or we could go the religious route and cover it all up.

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