1. Hey Dr. Hyatt if you wanna stay healthy and live longer stop drinking that awful diet coke stuff and start drinking a lot of green tea. I know I’m sounding harsh… but you too sounds harsh at times. Loved the interview. See you.

  2. By the way I’m O. Bey, that stands for Ormuz Bey, ok.

  3. If only you could have taken better care of your body, I could have used your years more. Ah! Dr. Hyatt, you shouldn’t have retreated from yourself so much(I know if you were living you would appreciate that statement; and I mean it however vague it sounds to anyone else). I’m hoping all of your predictions here are modest too — selfishly, but not actually expecting them. I’m envious of you children as well. I wish I could have been guided down this course instead of having to backtrack. Luckily I’m still young, and I look forward to fucking all of you.

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