An Interview with Magister Michael Kelly of the Temple of Set:

2. How have you studied Enochian magic?

By referring to Dee’s own records. There has been so much rubbish appended to the Enochian system over the years, such as pyramids with Tarot attributions, etc.

To break down the system into a few basic steps:

i] The Call of the Thirty Aethyrs can be used to visit in sequence the various parts of the psyche, calling forth the Hidden dimensions of Self. Through repetition of such Work an integration of Self is effected. Future Work with the Aethyrs can create a resonance between the inner and outer worlds, thereby Magical Change can be wrought.

ii] Learn by heart the Enochian Keys (neither a swift nor a painless process, but a rewarding one): (a) In learning the English Keys, we can approach an Understanding of Dee’s original Work, and can penetrate the Mysteries that lie behind his J/C phraseology. Setians have the record of the _Word of Set_ Working as a considerable aid in this regard. (b) In learning the Enochian version of the Keys, more attention can be applied to discovering the sonic Keys of the system, the sequences of sounds which stimulate the psyche in certain precise ways.

iii] Study of the Enochian alphabet is important. Those bizarre letters can be studied in a manner similar to the Runestaves. Unlike the Runes, whose Mysteries are angular, the Enochian letters are hooked and serpentine. The combinations of shape / sound / number are interesting and revealing.

Numerology is also a Key, the Enochian system is based around the number seven.

The above steps constitute a Work which I cannot presume to have completed. It is a curriculum which will occupy even the most fervent student for years, without recourse to “pyramid squares”, Enochian chess, Tarot and Cabalistic symbolism. This can all be done with the bare bones which we possess of the pure Enochian system. To my way of thinking; the purer the system, the purer the results.

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