Fell in Calgary

Any occultists in Calgary I don’t know about? I remember meeting one or two on Barbelith, but I am too lazy to log in there. Lil’ ol’ me will be in Calgary for the next few days so if anyone wants to drink or have sex intellectual conversations with me, now’s the time. If you do live in or near Calgary, it should be an okay time. I’ll be putzing with some designer friends and photographer wunderkind seventytw0dpi. And just plain ol’ rockin’ out, as only Albertans can.

Leave a note here if you wanna grab a drinkie-drink. That includes coffee. Or tea. Or gin.


  1. Okay, let me tell everyone that you missed a fabulous evening at Muse. I may get lonely, so you Calgarians on Technoccult have to come out of the woodwork.

    Or perhaps there are no Calgarians that read Technoccult. At least not this week?

  2. Still no word from any Calgary occultists, however I did have a good conversation with fenris23 yesterday. But that’s Vancouver, not Calgary.

    Day #2 Update: My little cousin is five years old and cute as hell. My friend Dave’s cousin was stabbed 17 times at a southside nightclub. WTF you assholes. My uncle’s friend was found after having been missing for two weeks. Except he’d been murdered and his house razed. And Mel Gibson’s Apocalypso sorta sucked. Aside from great fun to watch, there was no discernible story. Braveheart it wasn’t.

    And I thought Edmonton was violent?

    Maybe it’s time to put together an Alberta-wide occult effort to curb local violence. Perhaps giant orgone generators?

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