Call to end female circumcision

Muslim scholars from around the world have called for female genital mutilation to be banned and those who carry it out to face punishment.

At a conference on the subject in the Egyptian capital Cairo, the scholars said governments should enforce existing laws against the practice.

Full Story: BBC.

(thanks Honky Tonk Dragon)


  1. this is an atrocious procedure which mutilates the girl and makes her anorgasmic. any one who does this should have their penis removed (leave the testicles so desire remains, but are unable to achieve anything.) i’ll volunteer to do this.

  2. The quickest way to end genital mutilation among children and women is to see the end of religion – specifically, Islam, Judaism and Christianity. I’m doing my part. Nonetheless, part of my penis was cut off in infancy to please an invisible monster that lives in the sky. Nice.

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