Any thoughts on recurring dreams?

If anyone has any good links, explanations, or theories about recurring dreams, now would be a good time to share them with me. I’ve had a set of recurring themes since I was a kid, but over the past week I’ve experienced the exact same dream three times that I can recall.

Let me just say, I never have nightmares. I think I remember when I was a kid, I had one or two frightening dreams, and once when I was meditating as a teenager I came to quite upset because of some visions. But a full-on terror-inducing nightmare – it’s not me.

But three times in the past week I’ve awoken, completely awake, with a sense of dread, of not wanting to return to sleep. WTF.

All I can remember is that a) a female I know in my personal life accompanies me in the dream (who, I cannot remember), and b) there are a lot of ghouls. (Zombies, ghouls, blood-sucking abominations, whatever. They resemble humans, but host no soul. They come in droves. It’s all about the decay or extermination of everything.)

The first two of these dreams I awoke from, I had perished or been cornered in the same place, after the same chronology of events. This morning, I managed to surpass the point and progress further along what may be a predestined series of tribulations within the dream. However, I still perished. And I still awoke stressed.

Anyone willing to play psychoanalyst or occult theoretician, please feel free to drop some comments to help me out.



  1. I recommend writing yourself out the situation. Create a fool proof narrative, and let it play out.

    In the film put out by Mystic Fire Video, _The Dreamer and The Dreamtribe_, the tribal peoples talk about the importance of always facing conflict in dreams, sometimes finding a way to befriend what has been once menacing, or all out destroying it warrior style.

    As for the actual meaning of the dream, its a familiar narrative. I’ve had similar dreams in high school, due to the zombies trudging along the halls. Also, zombie fighting has been a reoccuring theme in the collective dreamspace, but for some reason has yet to have made an entrance of the key23 Dreamspace Portal. Anyways, I feel that I would need to have more details about the dream, and your feelings during it, to give you a deeper analysis.

    shop smart, shop s-mart.

  2. Try starting at the point where you’re being “cornered”, and work backwards. This time, don’t forget yr kill-tools.
    It painfully sucks getting killed off in dreams- happened to me for a whole week once by falling off the same cliff. I rockclimbed up from the bottom (which took all night) but had a beautiful, sunny view from the top.

  3. As a kid I had night-terrors on a regular basis. My family was evangelical and couldn’t figure out the spiritual connection. One recurring dream I had was especially creepy and I had it once almost every 3 years. I haven’t had it for a while but all I remember is that there was a wall, and for some reason I knew I had to go around the wall but I knew that God was around that corner and if I saw him, I would die. Finally the last time I had the dream I finally went around the corner and looked, I was outside of my body so I never saw what “I” saw, but it wasn’t God, it was something else, something much darker.
    Nevertheless, each time I woke up just before or just after going around the wall. When I woke up I had no sense of feeling in my extremities.
    Anyway, I don’t really have any suggestions, but I would like to know what other people think of your situation.

  4. Thanks for the feedback. I’ve read that about a third of the population has experienced night terrors. That’s quite a high number, esp since we know so little about them.

    Since the post, I’ve not been remembering my dreams upon waking so I don’t know if they’ve stopped and I’ve moved on or what.

  5. Since a very young age, I’ve had a recurring nightmare of animal/man hybrids invading my bedroom (never werewolves, I must add). The first one was inspired by the Bigfoot story in ‘Six Million Dollar Man’ when I was 5.
    Now it seems in times of stress (loss of job, relationship, unstable accommodation etc.) this reoccurs – sometimes with a ‘Body Snatchers’ twist to it. I figured it had something to do with mistrust and paranoia – I often awake with the feeling that I don’t really know anyone, or they can be easily replaced by something else without much diffrence.
    These dreams only occur every couple years, but they always make me awake in pure terror – sometimes even running out of the room/house screaming!

  6. It’s interesting that archetypes such as zombism, vampirism, and lycanthropy make such strong recurring presences. Perhaps rooted deeper in the psyche of the race than some of us figure.

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