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Taylor Ellwood feature in Semantikon

Friend and author Taylor Ellwood is featured in the Semantikon e-zine. In addition to some writing, there’s an interview with him where he gives the best definition of magic I’ve seen:

Magic, as I spell it, is making the improbable possible. In other words it’s learning how even the slightest change you make can have a radical effect on the internal system of your psychology, and the external system of the environment and universe we live in. Magic is the realization of an interdependent system of life that needs every part to bring forth the hidden potential.

Full feature: Semantikon.

Baby Bang experiment could open door to new dimension

Deep underground on the Franco-Swiss border, someone will throw a switch next year to start one of the most ambitious experiments in history, probing the secrets of the universe and possibly finding new dimensions.

The Large Hadron Collider – a 27km-long circular particle accelerator at the CERN experimental facility near Geneva, will smash protons into one another at unimaginable speeds trying to replicate in miniature the events of the Big Bang.

Full Story: New Zealand Herald.

(via Mutato Nomine).

Re-thinking “disorders”

The CBC has run a couple programs investigating the possibility that certain disorders, psychopathy and autism, are not “disorders” but adaptive traits.

CBC: Inside the Mind of a Psychopath.

CBC: Rethinking Autism.

(via Posthuman Blues).

Padre Engo interview

Padre Engo

The Phenomena Interview Padre Engo: New York’s Voodoo High Priest, Militant Messiah, Music Producer and Musician Dateline:

Ed – You have stated that you are the incarnation of a Mexican god. How did you discover this?

PE – Yes I am Quetzalcoatl in the flesh. I am the first and there will be other avatars of the Feathered Serpent to come after me.

Only a black man can hold this spiritual title. Also, being a Moor (a black Muslim) and an avatar of Quetzalcoatl is not a contradiction in terms. Most people have no idea as to who Quetzalcoatl really is. All the so-called New Age books on Quetzalcoatl fail to tell you who he really is. Quetzalcoatl was not a ‘White Man with a beard’. The Mexican Indians never believed such nonsense. This idea only exists in the letter Cortez wrote to the King of Spain. Quetzalcoatl is a West African god that was always viewed as a black man from the East. This has been proven by the Harvard Professor Leo Weiner.

Quetzalcoatl is the product of the Mandingo magicians that colonized Mexico long before the birth of Christ, and again in the 1300s. He was originally depicted by the ancient Mexican Indians as a black man with a beard wearing a white ‘Islamic’ robe. His white robe is why he is often called a ‘White God’.

Full Story: Key 23.

Genesis P. Orridge Update from the Guardian

“It’s not about gender,” P-Orridge explains. “Some feel like a man trapped in a woman’s body, others like a woman trapped in a man’s body. The pandrogyne says, I just feel trapped in a body. The body is simply the suitcase that carries us around. Pandrogyny is all about the mind, consciousness.”


Less surprisingly, for someone who has worn his private preoccupations so publicly, P-Orridge regards pandrogny as a crusade. “It’s inevitable if we’re going to evolve as a species,” he says. “Our perception of the world is binary: right/wrong, black/white, male/female. We live in this miraculous technological environment, and yet our human behaviour is still governed by basic impulses from prehistoric times.” Replication through science, P-Orridge insists, would help change human behaviour completely.

The new Psychic TV album is due out in January of 07, from the Olympia based record label, Kill Rock Stars.

The Guardian: Body politics

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Counterfeit Drugs: Coming to a Pharmacy Near You

Counterfeit drugs, including fake, substandard, adulterated or falsely labeled (‘misbranded’) medicines, have become a real and growing threat to global health. Increasingly sophisticated counterfeiting rings, often involving organized crime, are slipping their fakes into the legitimate drug supply around the world. The problem is especially serious in developing countries, where hundreds of thousands die from ineffective medicines, and millions more from the drug-resistant strains of pathogens such as malaria, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis that have been promoted by counterfeits’ suboptimal dosing of antibiotics and anti-viral agents.

Full report: ACSH Publications.

The Esoteric Science of Voudotronics

A lecture on Voudoun Gnostic Workbook.

“I dont understand a thing”, this is just mumbo jumbo”, ” This must be sinister and evil”, “this is pure scizofrenia and insanity”. Well, these are a few of the remarks upon the system of La Couleuvre Noire after people have read Michael Bertiaux volumious “Vouden Gnostic Workbook”. And I agree, the teaching is not easy to interpret and understand – by reading alone. There are two concepts that is crucial for the right benefit of the system of thought within LCN. One is that you have to do it, theoria is not enough – praxis is the natural way of treating the teoretical foundation – as in any other system. Most of the undechiffered and cryptick meanings will vanish when starting to work from the beginning of the book. The other point is that the vouden family presiding over this special societe has to accept you as a member of their family. I speak about acceptance from a family of Loas, the divine entites encountered in Haitian Voudoo and the Voodoo of New Orleans called Ghuede. Without the acceptance and also guidance from this personal family the magick you perform is likely to be impotent considering the aims of LCN-workings.

Full lecture at

The corporate tree of life: VALS

vals system diagram

No, not VALIS. VALS. It used to stand for “Values and Lifestyle System,” but it no longer stands for anything. It’s the primary market segmentation system for market researchers.

More info: Introduction to VALS.

(see also: An Introduction to Spiral Dynamics).

An end to human input?

Nicholas Carr on the fact that Google and Windows Live Search place hate site as one of the top results for “Martin Luther King”:

A Microsoft spokesman is even more explicit in asserting that the King result is a manifestation of algorithmic “integrity”:

###The results on Microsoft’s search engine are “not an endorsement, in any way, of the viewpoints held by the owners of that content,” said Justin Osmer, senior product manager for Windows Live Search. “The ranking of our results is done in an automated manner through our algorithm which can sometimes lead to unexpected results,” he said. “We always work to maintain the integrity of our results to ensure that they are not editorialized.”###

By “editorialized” he seems to mean “subjected to the exercise of human judgment.” And human judgment, it seems, is an unfit substitute for the mindless, automated calculations of an algorithm. We are not worthy to question the machine we have made. It is so pure that even its corruption is a sign of its integrity.

Full Story: Rough Type.

Hakim Bey to produce a new text

Razorsmile posts word of a new Hakim Bey text:

It seems that Hakim Bey may be producing a new text very soon…so this is just a little to help in spreading the buzz for that. For those who don’t know Bey’s fascinating work, get yourself a copy of Immediatism – an existentialist-Nietzschean magical path that is both inspiring and intellectually interesting. Bey’s relationship to Islamic traditions is also critically subversive in this current context of a new crusade and moreover is part of his work that is not simply a response to the political-cultural developments of the last 15 years but something that seems to have developed more naturally as part of his specific path. We’ll keep an eye and ear out and if you hear anything do let us know more…

From: Razorsmile.

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