The Esoteric Science of Voudotronics

A lecture on Voudoun Gnostic Workbook.

“I dont understand a thing”, this is just mumbo jumbo”, ” This must be sinister and evil”, “this is pure scizofrenia and insanity”. Well, these are a few of the remarks upon the system of La Couleuvre Noire after people have read Michael Bertiaux volumious “Vouden Gnostic Workbook”. And I agree, the teaching is not easy to interpret and understand – by reading alone. There are two concepts that is crucial for the right benefit of the system of thought within LCN. One is that you have to do it, theoria is not enough – praxis is the natural way of treating the teoretical foundation – as in any other system. Most of the undechiffered and cryptick meanings will vanish when starting to work from the beginning of the book. The other point is that the vouden family presiding over this special societe has to accept you as a member of their family. I speak about acceptance from a family of Loas, the divine entites encountered in Haitian Voudoo and the Voodoo of New Orleans called Ghuede. Without the acceptance and also guidance from this personal family the magick you perform is likely to be impotent considering the aims of LCN-workings.

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  1. The link isn’t functioning anymore and I am not able to find “The Esoteric Science of Voudotronics” anywhere. Please, if You have it, can you upload it somewhere or sand me on my mail? Thanks a lot!

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