Send e-mail to your future self

I wish there was some randomization for this. I suppose you could just select something at random and try to forget when it’s coming.

Future Me.

(via Posthuman Blues).

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  1. I just found this random one:

    Are you still a sack of shit?
    Dear FutureMe ,

    If you still haven’t made a good film by now you’re a schmuck and you should resign yourself to a life of uninspiring day jobs.

    Right now you weigh 225 which makes your pot belly fairly bad but not egregious yet. Your nephew McCade is 3 years old and screaming in the next room. You’re single because you get bored way too quickly and you obsess about sex and can’t find a similarly obsessed woman. You’re on 4 medications for depression. You’re living with your parents and making 12 dollars an hour at a dull tech support job. Really, you’re a sad fucking sack.

    good luck-

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