Magick for Materialists: The Basic Pattern

John Henderson makes the case for magick:

Humans are soft, weak creatures with mediocre hearing and eyesight. We’re clever, but in terms of raw problem-solving power, we’re not exceptionally so. Yet we have something, some characteristic, some edge… some mojo. A magick so tremendous that it more than makes up for all of our myriad weaknesses and inabilities and allows us not just to survive, but to thrive in even the most godawful conditions.

I offer that the difference is our ability to match patterns. More accurately, it’s our ability to abstract patterns – to see the patterns of the patterns. We can metathink. It is this facility that underlies every other mental ability we have, especially language. Perhaps it even leads inescapably to consciousness.

Full Story: Discordian Research Technology.

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  1. This video of zefrank on “symbolic architecture” and hallicinogens is still a funny favourite.

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