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Woman pregnant with baby ‘designed’ to defeat cancer

The Scotsman reports:

A WOMAN is pregnant with the UK’s first baby designed not to inherit a hereditary form of cancer.

The woman carrying the child decided to use genetic screening to ensure that she does not pass on the eye cancer.


The mother, who suffers from the disease, chose to conceive her child by IVF, even though she and her partner did not have fertility problems, to allow doctors to remove a cell from embryos and test them for the cancer gene. Only embryos not carrying the defective gene were then transferred to her womb.

Full Story: Scotsman: Woman pregnant with baby ‘designed’ to defeat cancer

Sweep it under the fabric of reality…

sweepbrick sweep it under the fabric of reality

Full sized image @ Wooster Collective.

Power Up With Magnetic Bacteria

Wired News reports:

A 16-year-old high school student has invented a new way of producing electricity by harnessing the brawny power of bacteria.

Kartik Madiraju, an 11th-grader from Montreal, was able to generate about half the voltage of a normal AA battery with a fifth of an ounce of naturally occurring magnetic bacteria. And the bacteria kept pumping current for 48 hours nonstop.

Full Story: Wired News: Power Up With Magnetic Bacteria

Corporate demonology

Last night I was out for drinks with Danny Choaflux, Trevor Blake, and Crawford, and we got on the subject of Richard Metzger’s corporate cash grabs.

Metzger’s well known for having bamboozled TCI into funding the site’s creation. Once they saw the actual product, they dropped it and gave him the rights to the site. Then he and Gary Baddeley sold the site to RazorFish, who later gave it back to them after the dot-com bubble burst. Then he was able to get the sci-fi channel to pay for the Disinfo TV show, and keep the rights after they decided not to air it.

I drew the comparison to demonology… Metzger was essentially working with assorted demons and imps and other malevolent actors to manifest his will. I’m not talking so much about the more remote corporate magical tactics people like Chris Arkenberg and Wes Unruh have been working on. Instead, Metzger has worked directly with these forces through their flesh and blood representatives, sleazy businessmen with bad intentions. And so far gotten what he wanted out of them.

Or has he?

(I decided to go through and tag all my corporate magic related posts for easier reference… I found some stuff I’d nearly forgotten about).

Occult Design: the delusion of happiness

I disagree with the notion that they are happy or better off because of their accidents. It was the event which led them to a shift in perception, which leads them to new focuses ? more often, directing more time to instrospection and following the paths in their life that lead them to happiness.

Full Story: Occult Design.

Metamagical Graffiti

Wes has compiled his first four Metamagical Graffiti articles into one PDF. It looks like he’s well on his way to having a full book.

Metamagical Graffiti PDF.

One Big Bang, or were there many?

The standard big bang theory says the universe began with a massive explosion, but the new theory suggests it is a cyclic event that consists of repeating big bangs.

“People have inferred that time began then, but there really wasn’t any reason for that inference,” said Neil Turok, a theoretical physicist at the University of Cambridge, “What we are proposing is very radical. It’s saying there was time before the big bang.”

Under his theory, published today in the journal Science with Paul Steinhardt at Princeton University in New Jersey, the universe must be at least a trillion years old with many big bangs happening before our own. With each bang, the theory predicts that matter keeps on expanding and dissipating into infinite space before another horrendous blast of radiation and matter replenishes it. “I think it is much more likely to be far older than a trillion years though,” said Prof Turok. “There doesn’t have to be a beginning of time. According to our theory, the universe may be infinitely old and infinitely large.”

Full Story: The Guardian.

Are blogs less reliable than standard news media? Maybe not.

From John Shirley’s blog… I’m quoting the whole thing because he doesn’t have permalinks:

A guest blog by JB

One interesting thing I just realized is that the traditional press claims that *they* expertly edit and winnow the news for us, and that blogs don’t provide that service, so they are full of noise, you can’t trust them.

I find it’s the opposite. I come to C&L or RawStory or wherever, *because* I know I am going to get a certain type of story and that they won’t miss anything important in the type of stories that each particular blog covers. I’m just not going to take the time to watch
CSPAN, but if something good happens on it, I *know* I will see it on

So quite opposite to what the op ed people say, quality blogs provide me with a *value added* that I don’t get from the undifferentiated mishmash of local/national/international news I get from the newspaper.

Newspapers are still stuck in the paradigm of international section, national section, local section, sports section, entertainment section, etc., where as blogs are in effect “tagged” — I go to one blog for right-winger hyporcrites caught on tape, another for media criticism,
another for stories about civil liberties issues, etc.

Secular Magick

Chris Titan has a new blog up on “secular magick” in which he joins the cause of creating a religion free system of magic.

Secular Magick.

Comic books as hyperglyphs

Wes Unruh delves into comic book universes and explores their egregore nature.

in part because it is published by an independant, the characters don’t become trully resonate as an egregore, but instead remain fictional devices.

More mainstream comics titles go through the hands of countless writers and artists during their run. Most of the most popular titles, The X-Men, The New Avengers, The JLA, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Amazing Spiderman and Superman, for starters, have been written and drawn by so many people that the characters themselves are now products of a vast network of minds. This seems to immdiately fulfill the requirements of at least one part of the egregore equation. My favorite DC character, John Constantine, no longer has anyone willing to take credit for his creation. In essence, at least as far as creator rights go, he has appeared of his own accord.

From: Metamagical Graffiti.

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