From John Shirley’s blog… I’m quoting the whole thing because he doesn’t have permalinks:

A guest blog by JB

One interesting thing I just realized is that the traditional press claims that *they* expertly edit and winnow the news for us, and that blogs don’t provide that service, so they are full of noise, you can’t trust them.

I find it’s the opposite. I come to C&L or RawStory or wherever, *because* I know I am going to get a certain type of story and that they won’t miss anything important in the type of stories that each particular blog covers. I’m just not going to take the time to watch
CSPAN, but if something good happens on it, I *know* I will see it on

So quite opposite to what the op ed people say, quality blogs provide me with a *value added* that I don’t get from the undifferentiated mishmash of local/national/international news I get from the newspaper.

Newspapers are still stuck in the paradigm of international section, national section, local section, sports section, entertainment section, etc., where as blogs are in effect “tagged” — I go to one blog for right-winger hyporcrites caught on tape, another for media criticism,
another for stories about civil liberties issues, etc.