Comic books as hyperglyphs

Wes Unruh delves into comic book universes and explores their egregore nature.

in part because it is published by an independant, the characters don’t become trully resonate as an egregore, but instead remain fictional devices.

More mainstream comics titles go through the hands of countless writers and artists during their run. Most of the most popular titles, The X-Men, The New Avengers, The JLA, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Amazing Spiderman and Superman, for starters, have been written and drawn by so many people that the characters themselves are now products of a vast network of minds. This seems to immdiately fulfill the requirements of at least one part of the egregore equation. My favorite DC character, John Constantine, no longer has anyone willing to take credit for his creation. In essence, at least as far as creator rights go, he has appeared of his own accord.

From: Metamagical Graffiti.

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  1. According to Alan Moore, Constantine was pretty autonomous before the falling out with DC. It’s referred to in Snake & Ladders. Neil Gaiman has a story concerning his version of Choronzon from early Sandman books (apparently he meet him at Mardi Gras)

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