Is racism physically addictive?

I don’t see racism as something that’s just going to fizzle and go away. Racism is a dangerous mind-virus that must be systematically exterminated. Usually, I would think of “total eradication” of anything as narrow-minded, but I see no other solution. Of course, locking up or killing racists won’t get rid of the problem, but would probably only make it worse. How do you fight a social contagion? Perhaps these ideas from John Shirley can give us a better idea of the causes of racism.

What happens in a human brain when a racist impulse is exercised? Anger is expressed; hatred is released; adrenaline and other chemicals are secreted. Ancient ?wiring? in the brain is electrified, in some sense. If you were a primitive man concerned with survival, and, mostly, only survival, you were fiercely tribalistic–instinctively so. Nature made you that way. My tribe good, distant tribe bad. You could cautiously trade with other tribes but the more distant they were, the more dangerous, perhaps, they’d be–the ones from distant places were less likely to be trading partners, they would look and act a bit differently. Different genetic and cultural pools. They might seem more likely to intrude–being from distance places they’re not settled, they’re looking for new territories. They’re not just ?the guys who live over by the buffalo wallow.? So you instinctively fear and hate them. Instincts use rewards to prompt our activities, rewards in the form of endorphins and the like, bringing feelings of pleasure. So it feels good to hate them.

Full Story: John Shirley: Is racism physically addictive?.

Normally, I try to limit the amount of political stuff I post here, but the mental illness known as racism is currently driving some very destructive US policy. In the past few weeks I’ve heard from many people who are buying into the propaganda and lies of the racially motivated anti-immigration movement. Here’s a collection of resources:

Dispelling Myths About Immigrants.

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  1. I coined the term “subliminal racism” from my 1980 UCSD dissertation, “The Manichean leitmotif.” Brother Shirley, to the contrary, “racism” is not an individual’s “mental illness.” For the most part, it satifies or completes the dominant group’s construct of a “myth of progress” that Graham has delineated in his works and on his website at:

    By all means, please visit us and receive research data and new methods of analysis that simply make sense and are workable to end “racism” once and for all. Functionally, with knowledge, understanding, and application of depth-level “linguistic processes” for psycho-social changes this goal can be achieved and we may yet restore or finally establish the national “language” to the service of lasting peace, dignity, and human decency, as promised to all in our Constitution.
    Peace & Blessing

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