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What will happen in 2012?

I have to admit, I’ve never been to into the 2012 myth… sure it’s interesting that the Mayan calender only went so far… but maybe they just decided that 2012 was far enough and they should maybe get to work on some other stuff like more words for their written language, and little pullys for water and stuff.

But seeing the National Geographic article that links 2012 with the peak of sunspot activity got my brain going on the subject. So yesterday I went to Robot Wisdom to find the polling site that Jorn uses… and low and beyold he had this link to a Jack London story set in a future in which a massive plague hit the world in 2013.

Spooky stuff.

Anyway, tell me what you think:

Poll: What Will Happen in 2012?. Update: Poll close. Results here.

Jack London predicted “the Scarlet Death” in 2013

From “The Scarlet Plague” by Jack London:

“2012,” he shrilled, and then fell to cackling grotesquely. “That was the year Morgan the Fifth was appointed President of the United States by the Board of Magnates. It must have been one of the last coins minted, for the Scarlet Death came in 2013. Lord! Lord!?think of it! Sixty years ago, and I am the only person alive to-day that lived in those times. Where did you find it, Edwin?” The boy, who had been regarding him with the tolerant curiousness one accords to the prattlings of the feeble-minded, answered promptly.

Full Story: The Scarlet Plague by Jack London.

(via Robot Wisdom)

New discoveries in Egypt

Ancient war goddess statues unearthed in Egypt.

Granite head of a king with Nubian features discovered.

Wired on subdermal body art

Subdermals are old news in my book, but Wired News has this piece that makes it more compelling:

Shannon Larratt was a child when he first dreamed about modifying his body. When his father would make pizza and sit with him to watch Star Trek, Larratt was captivated by the diverse looks of people from other worlds. He was particularly taken with the forehead ridges.

In Larratt’s ideal world, “Everyone looks interesting, everyone looks different.” So when body modification artist Steve Haworth invented a way to implant jewelry under human skin, Larratt jumped on the opportunity.

Wired News: Body Artists Customize Your Flesh

Solar storms to peak in 2012

Passed on without comment:

The stronger solar storms could start as early as this year or as late as 2008 and should peak around 2012.

“We predict the next solar cycle will be 30 to 50 percent stronger than the last cycle,” said Mausumi Dikpati, a solar scientist with the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, yesterday in a telephone briefing with reporters.

The last cycle peaked in 2001.

National Geographic: Solar storms to peak in 2012

(via LVX23).

Alex Grey paints Dr. Albert Hofmann

albert hoffman portrait by alex grey

Snagged from LVX23.

For more on Alex Grey check out our dossier on him

What to do if Attacked by Africanized honey bees

“RUN away quickly. Do not stop to help others. However, small children and the disabled may need some assistance.”

Full Story: USDA.

(via Exploding Aardvark).

Fallen Guardsman’s Wiccan faith unrecognized

Tahoe Daily Tribune reports:

Nevada National Guard Sgt. Patrick Stewart gave his life for his country when the Chinook helicopter he was in was shot down in Afghanistan in September. […]

Stewart was a follower of the Wiccan religion, which is not recognized by the Department of Veterans Affairs for use in its cemeteries.

Stewart’s widow, Roberta, said she will wait until her family’s religion — and its five-pointed star enclosed in a circle, with one point facing skyward — is recognized for use on memorials before Stewart’s plaque is installed.

Tahoe Daily Tribune: Fernely Guardsman’s Wiccan faith unrecognized on memorial

Human capacity for altruism emerges as early as 18 months of age

AP reports:

Oops, the scientist dropped his clothespin. Not to worry a wobbly toddler raced to help, eagerly handing it back. The simple experiment shows the capacity for altruism emerges as early as 18 months of age.

AP: Roots of Altruism Show in Babies’ Helping Hands

(via Great News Network)

Metamagical Grafitti #1

Wes is brilliant. I haven’t read this whole article yet, but from what I’ve read this promises to be a great insight into his work:

It is my intention that these tracks represent the most available Philip K Nixon tracks, as they form the materials out of which I have hopefully constructed a weapon. This weapon works to destroy conditioning.

To understand why I believe this construct is important, I’m going to need to get into some depth. I’ve dug into my files and bookshelves and pulled together the sources listed at the end of this article to help me articulate what has been until now mostly a metalinguistic experience. Working with collage and cut-ups does something seriously uncouth to the analytical brain. Coming down from this neurolinguistic high required serious grounding, and reading through what others have said has proved to be an excellent form of psychic reintegration.

Wes Unruh: Metamagical Graffiti

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