Another Subcircuit to the Leary 8 Circuit Model?

Alessandra asked me how I drove, and not really thinking about it mimiced a space cadet and then I realized there was another circuit to the Leary Model: Internal vs External

I would say that it is woven between the first 3. The idea is thus: While all people view the world through the screens of World View (however THAT is shaped), people tend to favor either noticing the world through their eyes (External) or watching the world through their mental television sets (Internal).

Full Story: Everyday Avatar.

Patanjali defined 5 ” movements of the mind” in the Yoga Sutras. This internal/external dichotomy seems similar:

proven theory (correct observations?)
wrong knowledge (flawed perceptions?)


  1. I’ve actually grown so frustrated with the Leary Model that I’m going to formulate a ritual banishing for each circuit. I figure it influences most post-seventies occultist enough that they ought to be doing something with/about it.

  2. What do you mean by frusterated with it? Frusterated with it as a model, or frusterated with your experience of it? What’s the purpose of the banishing ritual?

  3. Remember, it’s just a model based on opinion and has no more reality than The Old Testament Model other than the belief you put into it.

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