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Notes from everyware talk by Adam Greenfield

Adam Greenfield‘s first book is available for pre-order on Amazon. I don’t know nearly enough about this ubicomp stuff, so I expect this will be the perfect opportunity to catch-up.

I’m not sure if these notes are from the book or from a talk with the same name, but they should give you an idea of the subject matter.

William S. Burroughs interview with Jimmy Page

jimmy page and william s. burroughs

WB: I was thinking of the concentration of mass energy that you get in a pop concert, and if that were, say, channeled in some magical way…a stairway too heaven…it could become quite actual.

JP: Yes, I know. One is so aware of the energies that you are going for, and you could so easily….I mean, for instance, the other night we played in the Philadelphia Spectrum, which really is a black hole as a concert hall….The security there is the most ugly of anywhere in the States. I saw this incident happen and I was almost physically sick. In fact, if I hadn’t been playing the guitar I was playing it would’ve been over somebody’s head. It was a double-neck, which is irreplaceable, really, unless you wait another nine months for them to make another one at Gibson’s.

Rock Magic: Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin, And a search for the elusive stairway to heaven originally published in Crawdaddy Magazine, June 1975.

(via LVX23)

For more on Burroughs check out our dossier on him

Sad interview with Hunter S. Thompson’s widow

The Guardian:

‘When I came back, I was stronger. But what really saved me was writing to Hunter. I still do that every day. That helps a lot. I keep up a connection with him. It’s like a portal to him in my own mind.’ Has he left her well provided for? ‘He’s the best husband you can possibly imagine. I’m secure in terms of having a home, and I’ll be working for Hunter for the rest of my life [she is helping to edit a third volume of his letters, though at present reading them is still too painful]. But not in terms of money. There isn’t much money, though people think there is. But I’ve always known that because I worked for Hunter.’

Guardian: A lonely legacy

Interesting tidbit from the article: John Kerry attended the memorial service.

Watchmen: an Oral History

Entertainment Weekly is running an oral history of Watchmen. Newsarama has scans and an interview with the journalist who wrote it.


Update: Here’s the article on EW’s site.

New scientific research on meditation and synchrony

Metachor’s overview of two new studies, one on meditation and the other on non-local consciousness:

Hypothetically, clusters of individuals with similar EM shifts result in ionic feedback, that is, individuals’ EM dynamics come to resonate with each other through similar patterns of ionized molecules surrounding the group. When this process occurs on the order of thousands or millions of individuals, perhaps the EM vibration resonates with the ionosphere, carrying the signal across the globe near instantly.

Full Story: Vortex Egg: Non-local Consciousness, Synchrony, Meditation and Resonance

20th anniversary edition of Watchmen

Just something else I want to spend my money on… ah well, maybe someday:

Each page of art has been restored and recolored by WildStorm FX and original series colorist John Higgins and approved by Gibbons to appear as originally intended.

Additionally, this grand tome will include 48 pages of supplemental material produced exclusively for the Graphitti Designs WATCHMEN hardcover edition and not seen since their original publication. Included therein is a cornucopia of rare and historically valuable treasures, including samples of Moore’s WATCHMEN scripts, the original WATCHMEN proposal, Gibbons’s conceptual art, cover roughs, and much, much more!

Buy it at Amazon.

Marijuana also fights cancer?

I remember reading about a study in Madrid around 1999 or 2000 in which THC was found to kill brain tumors in mice. It was on Yahoo! News and the story was removed after a week or two, and I’ve never been able to find anything else about it… until now:

Dr Melamede said whereas nicotine activated carcinogenic compounds, THC – one of 60 cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant – had been shown to inhibit them in mice cells.

“Compounds found in cannabis have been shown to kill numerous cancer types including lung, breast, prostate, leukaemia, lymphoma and skin cancer.”

But he said the effects of cannabis were complex as evidence also suggested low doses of THC could stimulate growth of lung cancer cells.

BBC: Cannabis cancer risk played down

Wands and wine for imprisoned pagans

The Times reports:

PAGAN priests will be allowed to use wine and wands during ceremonies in jails under instructions issued to every prison governor.

Inmates practising paganism will be allowed a hoodless robe, incense and a piece of religious jewellery among their personal possessions. They will also be allowed to have Tarot cards but are forbidden from using them to tell the fortunes of other prisoners.

Full Story: Times Online: Wands and wine for imprisoned pagans

The Rose Cross Sigil Creator (updated for clarity)

Here’s an interesting way of creating sigils… looks like a good way to mix ceremonial magick with chaos magic. You could start with the chaos magick sigil technique and write out your desire and strip out the vowels and repeating letters, then rearrange them (so that you don’t always start with “w”) and trace them on the Rose Cross, and then charge the resulting sigil however you see fit.

Rose Cross Sigil Creator.

A couple interesting tarot reference sites

These sites look pretty extensive:


Tarot study helps.

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