The Rose Cross Sigil Creator (updated for clarity)

Here’s an interesting way of creating sigils… looks like a good way to mix ceremonial magick with chaos magic. You could start with the chaos magick sigil technique and write out your desire and strip out the vowels and repeating letters, then rearrange them (so that you don’t always start with “w”) and trace them on the Rose Cross, and then charge the resulting sigil however you see fit.

Rose Cross Sigil Creator.


  1. The Golden Dawn used that RC layout to generate the sigils they used for angels, planetary intelligences, etc. Regardie all but says so in the Big Black Brick, something like “the neophyte should copy these sigils onto tracing paper and layer them over the Rosy Cross, and their origin will become clear.”

    Kameas or “Magic Squares” have been used for a similar purpose, possibly all the way back to babylon. It’s almost impossible to generate a kamea without a great deal of frustration or mathematical talent.

    Link on kameas.

  2. Well, since the Golden Dawn was using this method in the 19th century, I’m not sure what Chaos Magic has to do with it…

  3. I’ve updated with more information about how I meant for this to be used with chaos magic.

  4. This link has quite a few possibilities. E.g., creating a random alphabet, based on a unicursal sigil…

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