Bruce Sterling on J.G. Ballard

Bruce Sterling talks about J.G. Ballard:

To me these late-Ballard pieces, these Shepperton pieces – Cocaine Nights, Super-Cannes and so forth – really seem like gentle chiding from somebody who’s recognised that his civilisation really has gone mad. They’re a series of repetitions that say, “Look, we’re heading for a world where consensus reality really is just plain unsustainable, and the ideas that the majority of our people hold in their heart of hearts are just not connected to reality”. I think that may be a very prophetic assessment on his part. I think we may in fact be in such a world right now – where people have really just lost touch with the “reality-based community” and are basically just living in self-generated fantasy echo chambers that have no more to do with the nature of geopolitical reality than Athanasius Kircher or Castaneda’s Don Juan.

Full Story: Ballardian: ‘Child of the Diaspora’: Sterling on Ballard

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  1. Actually, I always kind of thought that Ballard was coasting a bit with the Shepperton novels. They all explore basically the same idea and not one that’s terribly original to Ballard either…

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