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Suicide Girls is owned by a right winger who treats women like shit

It seems that not enough people know the truth about the Suicide Girls and still think it’s some sort of hip, progressive, women owned and operated porn company.

Suicide Girls is owned by Sean Suhl. “Missy” is just a figurehead, and Playboy has or had some sort of partnership with Suicide Girls, but they do not own it. Suhl’s listed as the only authorized representative for the company. If Missy ever owned a stake in it, she doesn’t now.

Suhl’s a neoconservative white male. The site’s blog used to be filled with right wing rants. Mostly foreign policy stuff like pro-war and violent anti-Palestinian stuff. But perhaps they’ve realized they were alienating a lot of their readers and models and have now made the blog open for anyone to post, and it now appears to lean towards the left. There’s no easy way to browse the archives that I can see, but here’s a post by Suhl from April 2004.

Update: the above post has been deleted, it can still be found on here. Here are two other examples of Sean’s political posts on SG: Shooting Children in the Back and A Loving Tribute to Some Truly Wonderful People.

The first place I came across him being described as a neoconservative was this Willamette Weekly story quite a while back. I can’t find any specific examples of him calling himself neoconservative, but various blog and forum posters indicate that he has described himself as such.

And most importantly: the models get treated badly. Here’s a Live Journal community dedicated to SG discussions and here’s a thread there about alternatives.

Many of the above links are from the comments on this blog. And here’s a good rant about them on Slashdot.

I know a lot of models probably get ripped off by porn sites, and a lot of porn owners probably have politics I don’t agree with. But Suhl made the mistake of pissing off a lot of Internet savvy women, and using his business’s site as a political soap box for views that probably don’t mesh with his customers’.

This post originally appeared at American Samizdat

Massive Solar Flare Disrupts Communications

Largest solar flare in 15 years:

A large solar flare has been reported by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space and Environment Center in Boulder, Colorado. Reports indicate the flare has affected some high-frequency communications on the sunlit side of Earth.

All Headline News.

Organic HTML

abstract dynamics


Organic HTML generates images based on URLs you input. The image above is based on and the second one is based on Technoccult.

Hunter S. Thompson’s Suicide Note

No More Games. No More Bombs. No More Walking. No More Fun. No More Swimming. 67. That is 17 years past 50. 17 more than I needed or wanted. Boring. I am always bitchy. No Fun — for anybody. 67. You are getting Greedy. Act your old age. Relax — This won’t hurt.

Full Text: Washington Post: Last Words: A Testament to Hunter Thompson

Illustrations by Sam Weber

i pledge alliagence to wal-mart

A nice portfolio of work by Sam Weber

Amazing subway video graffiti project

Wow. I wouldn’t have the guts to try something like that. I’d be afraid the cops would shoot me.

Projecting in a subway station would solve one of the big problems of video graffit, which is the expense of projectors bright enough to project visible images during the day. Having never lived in a city with a subway system, this had never occured to me.

Organic Warfare: Red Dawn of Gaia

We may place ourselves in a situation where vast systems such as the atmosphere, planktons, the oceans and plate tectonics are preserving their own gigantic equilibriums in ways that may impinge upon human existence in yet-unforseen ways. It is a sort of warfare, but without malice or plan; Gaia is just acting to preserve balances and is not aware of us. But civilians in shelled cities die just the same as soldiers.

Full Story: Organic Warfare: Red Dawn of Gaia

Organic Warfare is one of the most interesting new blogs I’ve seen in a long time. From their description: “Evolutionary and biological models and metaphors in modern warfare: from the Afghan war to the Iraq insurgency.”

(via Abstract Dynamics)

Burning Man founder Larry Harvey interview

Wired News interviews Burning Man founder Larry Harvey:

Harvey: Ultimately, yes. I think that our event is necessary and will be for a while yet. Because as we come to see it, it’s an initiation into a larger world. I’ll take a risk by comparing it to the hajj. It is part of Muslim religion. It doesn’t imply terrorism, but people have an obligation to go to Mecca once in their lives and to be inspired. And they march around a big rock. Well, you gotta put something at the center, and they’ve got a big rock, left over from pre-Muslim days. That’s why they go.

Or, it’s like, let’s say, Paris. Go to Paris, see what can be done, not because it will dwarf you, make you feel futile, but because if you have the wit to look — and I think the majority of our people do have that ability, to look beyond the spectacle, and say, “Well, how did you do this?” It’s true, someone just coming for the first time for two days won’t ask that, might not. But if they come the second, the third time, they’ll be asking it, because they themselves are going to have to organize communally with others, to get something done.

Full Story: Wired News: Burning Man’s Founder Looks Ahead

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