The hermeticism of the Teletubbies

I’ve heard this show is pretty, uh, “drugged out”… but I’d never heard of hermetic references. I’ve never seen the show.

Was it really necessary, for example, to so exactly portray the hideous ecstasies of the Tzog-Murtha ritual? A glistening vortex activates and the beings moan ?Uh oh,? their eyes droop with bliss and they fall on their backs in technocosmic delirium. After the ?big hug? (is no blasphemy to be hidden from the world?s toddlers?) they clamber up ?a hill? and stand in the loose spectral formation, their antennae illuminated by the transmission and their belly monitors sparking with static from the Outer Spheres, as they await the Chosen One. It is rare indeed for even the most determined investigators into this abominable rite to have witnessed it unflinchingly portrayed in such comprehensive and graphic detail.

Full Story: Hyperstition: TV Demonism

Are today’s children raised with occultism?

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  1. That’s nothing. Have you seen the show Boo Bah made by the same people? It’s marketed towards preverbal children, and is for the most part nothing but psychedelic imagery.

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