I am just testing this out, seeing as how I am going to be part of an Uber-elite troupe holding down the Technoccult fort while it’s baron heads off to Washington and Oregon for a couple weeks. And for the record, Oregon is my favourite U.S. state thus far.

So anyhow, for anyone interested in information management and communication, you may want to check out information aesthetics. Here we see an installation at NYU of 200-plus cable tv channels all being streamed together and arranged into a real-time mosaic representation of the persons that stand in front of it:

I am not going to extrapolate on why I find this so cool, but trust in the fact that it is a sweet-ass mataphor for stuff. I remember a bit from Angel Tech, by Antero Alli, where he talks about the nature of the psychopath in people. That, in the West, people tend to be a culmination of approximately 22 per cent individual experience, that which shapes their own personal Gestalt, perspectives, and emotional responses to events. The remaining 78 per cent is dogma: social means, peers, culture and subculture, family, schooling, et cetera.

I have always liked this ratio. Though I cannot prove its accuracy, some days I tend to believe that this is true, and other days I find myself sympathising with Colin Wilson’s claim and research that only about 5 per cent of people are capable of any sort of psychotic achievement of seperating themselves from the dogma and achieving at least 51 per cent individual, out-voting the social means and taking beautiful responsibility for one’s own actions unto themself.

Over and out.