MonthJune 2005

Confusing BBC story about human sacrifice

Initially the story talks about parents beating their children to death in an attempt to exorcise them, then it goes into ritual murder and such.

“Members of the workshop said for spells to be powerful it required a sacrifice of a male child unblemished by circumcision,” the report said. […]

There were also claims that youngsters were being smuggled into the UK as domestic slaves and for men with HIV who believed if they had sex with a child they would be cleansed.

Full Story: BBC: Boys ‘used for human sacrifice’

Judaism, Meditation and The B-Word

A review of three books dealing with the issues of Judaism, meditation, and Buddhism.

Many today are worried about Buddhism because they’re worried about assimilation, fearing that Jews are leaving Judaism. But “assimilation” has a second meaning, as well: to incorporate or absorb something into oneself. In this deeper meaning, the Jews always have been a people of assimilation. And from Aristotle to goulash, Temple pews to Moroccan maqamat (melodic modes), foreign influences enliven our experience of ourselves. Likewise, Slater’s meditations end with a surprisingly traditional truth: that “pursuing the mitzvot, living fully in God’s presence, may actually be the way home.”

Full Story: Forward: Judaism, Meditation and The B-Word

Chevel Noir: Trippy Art

woman sitting on mushroom

More Images: Chevel Noir

(via Scarab Dreamer)

Meditating monks are giving clues about how the brain’s basic responses can be overridden

The BBC reports:

Australian scientists gave Buddhist monks vision tests, where each eye was concurrently shown a different image.

Most people’s attention would automatically fluctuate – but the monks were able to focus on just one image.

Writing in Current Biology, the scientists say their ability to override this basic mental response indicates how the brain can be trained.

Full Story: BBC: Meditation ‘brain training’ clues.

R.U. Sirius launches Mondo Globo

Keep forgetting to mention this: R.U. has launched a podcasting network, including the R.U. Sirius show, an audio version of NeoFiles, and other shows.

Mondo Globo Network.

Professional Paintings Based on Kids Drawings

pizza monster

pizza monster

More Images: The Monster Engine

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The Last Flight of Dr. Ain

The Last Flight of Dr. Ain” by Alice B. Sheldon (aka by James Tiptree Jr.).

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