New piece up at Mad Ghoul:

One would get the impression that Joel Biroco, with his tag line of “If they don’t understand; don’t explain,” is bitter in his recitation of occult lore, hampered by a feeling that he is condemned to deliver knowledge to the feeble. It is indeed this very perception that some do get from reading the works and comments of this man; but nothing could be further from the truth.

To fully understand Biroco’s Kaos 14, and thus unravel the essence of Kaos-Babalon, one must understand the influences in his life that push and pull him in various directions. Joel is highly influenced by Eastern philosophy, particularly Taoism. In remarks made in his online journal, he recalls a time when he proclaimed that all he wanted to do in life was understand the Tao Te Ching – Taoism’s primary philosophical tome. Those are strong words coming from an occultist.

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