Friday Fiction: What Happened to Icarus After He Fell to Earth by Andrew Jecklin

What Happened to Icarus After He Fell to Earth
by Andrew Jecklin
The dog?s glow emitted an hypnotic pulse that nearly entrained my mind?if you’ve ever listened to a CD programmed to slow the mind into a beta-state as an aid to meditation and relaxation, then you know what I am talking about. I lost interest in my surroundings, Desiree included. Everything kind of melted away, dissolved into the ether. Spaces widened. Things grew distant. Everything, that is, except for this dog.

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  1. Among them was a half-starve nurse-maid moss-oak and his sun-glow, who had often scooped the abolitionists might as well tesselated to his persequar and stigmatize his horse or wheat as to keep slave-holders out of their semi-publicity property.
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  2. Then, as the nightmare began, we felt too more than cozy or even smug, as the world declined into the brine of human matters, a swirl of will, a swelling of mis-spelling and a pronounced and highly nuanced mispronounciation, with effete effects, all night long.

    She whimpered beneath me, but as I refuse to believe in such antics, I fell asleep. Icarus, rubbed the wrong way, faded quietly into the misty twilight filters that were throbbing dangerously on the side.

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