Reza Negarestani was kind enough to send some more info about Ad’ieh, an ancient Arabic hypersigil system (most commonly practiced now in the form of chain letters, but also the key to the plot of the film Ringu).


Hi Klintron,

I was skimming through technoccult archive and read your post on Ad ieh; here is the Farsi / Arabic word if you are interested:


In Farsi the practice is called Ad?ieh Nevisi (Nevisi: writing)


Sometimes, Ad?ieh is called Khabnameh.

I guess my English spelling of the word is not correct; but maybe you can find it in Arabic / Farsi sites if you have got Arabic font installed on your machine.

There is also another brief reference to Ad?ieh / Khabnameh on my friend?s blog (Esmail Yazdanpour) but the text is in Farsi … you can read his comment under my post at hyperstition; he thinks certain types of commercial spams follow the same hyperstitional pattern of Ad?ieh Nevisi (read the examples in English):

There is a chapter on Ad?ieh in Ibn Asir?s History of Islam.



Thanks for the info. For the record, I wasn’t trying to call you a
liar or anything, but I try to take everything I read on Hyperstition
with some… unbelief.


Thank you … lol … no, i just thought you might be interested in more info (in connection with Hypersigil); i’ll try to find if there is an english text out there on the subject because there should be some books. btw, the unbelief-based reading is the apex of hyperstition. Hope you are doing fine.