The Good Die Young

I’ve been so preoccupied with other things in my life right now that I didn’t notice the 3 year anniversary of the last time anyone saw Jon.

Wherever you are Jon, we all still miss you.

D12: “Good Die Young”.


  1. Raise your fucking glass to the MoFo who taught us all what the H. in Jesus H. Christ stands for.
    A bunch of went out to the pier, here in Oly last weekend to pour some Irish whiskey in the Sound for the fallen.
    Sorry you couldn’t be there Klintron.
    Enh! Enh! Enh!

  2. Oh, and to tie this to an earlier post on here, I’m blastin’ Immortal Technique for the next month, hopin’ to make Jonny’s spirit smile. Don’t wanna make no assumptions about what a dead man would say, but I suspect Jon woulda given I.M. a big “ENH!”

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