Sauceruney on Transhumanism

Via a Key 23 post I’ve found an old article on Transhumanism by Sauceruney I forgot to read. Sauceruney connects the dots between AI, immortality, and your blogging and Amazon purchasing habits:

Immortality. It?s a key element in the periodic table of Transhumanism. The Internet can be seen as a limited means of reaching this goal, yet the alchemy required to turn it into virtual gold lies in the occulted regions of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Dumping your brain onto the Internet in textual form, you?re fashioning a crude personality construct. How accurate or tailored this online persona is to that which exists as flesh and bone, is up to you, the creator. Long after you?re dead and gone, if not sooner, your LiveJournal emoting, political screeds, MeFi and /. posts? even your drunken party pictures may lie dormant in a digital archive, awaiting the day it?s ultimately devoured by a growing AI that?s coming to grips with its own existence. The world?s leading governments and corporations may already have virtual personality constructs for some of you, awaiting the day when computers are inexpensive and powerful enough to model each and every person from birth to death, in an attempt to simulate reality in the achievement of elusive (inter)National Security objectives. In the charge to preserve the perceived systems of existence, our random and unpredictable humanity may be destroyed. This form of Transhumanism is an inevitable conclusion of sufficiently funded bureaucratic paranoia. It?s up to free-thinking individuals to ensure the system remains full of exploitable holes. What fun is immortality if you?re stuck in someone else?s idea of Heaven?

Foolish People: Better late than never at all…

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