What does LVX mean?

Nice simple explanation:

In Summation

Seen in this sense (and “spoken” in second-person, with a little application of poetic license), the phrase is intended as a sort of a “wish” or a “spell,” (cast by the writer upon the reader):

“May you die and be reborn, In the limitless extending Light of Godhead.”

Methaphorical Meaning For Non-Sectarians:

“May you change, and keep changing unto perfection.”

Full Story: As If Productions: What does LVX mean?

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  1. Is that interpretation not accurate?

  2. Oh, I was just pleasantly surprised that someone put that online, and that you linked to it. 🙂

    It’s certainly a valid interpretation and is part of why I chose LVX23 as my moniker. LVX=Light. Note that LVX in Latin numerals adds to 65, which has some interesting Hebrew, gematria, and Thelemic valuations. Also, to get numerological, 65 breaks down to 11, making the glyph 1123.

    Definitely spot-on about the death-rebirth triumverate.

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