Remote viewing Tibetan monks see Extra Terrestrial powers saving the World from destroying itself in 2012

This sounds reassuring:

According to these tourists remote viewers are seeing world powers in the course of self-destruction. They also see that the world will not be destroyed. Between now and 2012 the world super powers will continue to engage in regional wars. Terrorism and covert war will be the main problem. In world politics something will happen in and around 2010. At that time the world powers will threaten to destroy each other. […]

In 2012, the world will start plunging into a total destructive nuclear war.

And at that time something remarkable will happen, says, Buddhist monk of Tibet. Supernatural divine powers will intervene. The destiny of the world is not to self-destruct at this time.

India Daily: Remote viewing Tibetan monks see Extra Terrestrial powers saving the World from destroying itself in 2012

(via Dark Planet)


  1. I’d have thought this was another load of raw newage if it weren’t coming from remote viewing Tibetan monks.

  2. I take whatever comfort I can get nowadays, y’know?

  3. oh no, I just realized how sarcastic that comment looks…

    I have a genuine respect for their abilites. I just found it remarkable their findings are so much in line with the standard space-brother rescue that’s been peddled by less-than-reputable-appearing new agers…

    I can’t get to the original article, though.

  4. Oh, I honestly don’t know anything about them. thought it was interesting that they picked the magic number 2012, and that this part was also pretty interesting:

    “When asked if these extra-terrestrials will show up in reality in 2012, the answers remote viewers are giving is: they will reveal themselves in such a way that none of us scared. They will reveal themselves only if they have to. As our science and technology progresses, we are destined to see them and interact with them any way.”

  5. I’m going to continue to read that as if you were being sarcastic, sauceruney. There are some golden inferences that should not be tarnished by intent.

  6. “According to these tourists”
    Who are those tourists if I may ask?

    I derive my comfort from this passage:
    “Beyond 2012, out technologies will take a different direction. People will learn the essence of spirituality, the relation between body and the soul, the reincarnation and the fact we are connected with each other are all part of ?God?.”

    Finally an explanation for the whole 2012 business I am able to enjoy.

  7. Many folks are saying similar things.

    I feel change is in the air and that a complete turnaround is necessary for human growth to continue.

    The old system is tired and is in need of a radical overhaul!

    If it takes alien intervention to do this, then great!

  8. There seems to be something mystical about the 2012 & 2013 years, I have visited several site and there always some drastic earth shaking event in store for all man kind in these years.

  9. I am coming again,prepare yourselves for my return…

  10. I knew I’d be hearing things like this this year… 2010, according to a mate of mine, is when the planet comes out from under the oppresive influence of a Pluto/Saturn conjunction so that’s the next stop.

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