Electromagnetic Fields

When I was in New York my friend Terence asked me if I liked the Magnetic Fields. He was talking about the band, but square as I am I thought he was talking about, y’know, the scientific thingies.

I guess Metachor is interested in the magnetic fields, because he’s linking to some really interesting articles. I’ve always wondered about the role of electromagnetic fields in paranormal phenomenon.

Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields

Sharks respond to magnetic lines

and most interesting, if least believable: Earth’s Magnetic Field Regions of Weakness Predict Sites of War

All via the Vortex Egg

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  1. If someone asked me if I liked the Magnetic Fields, I would have made the same (mistaken?) conclusion.

    I am interested in EM fields to the degree that I am fascinated by the feedback and interaction between Earth systems (e.g. EM field, ionosphere/Schumann resonance) and biological patterns (communication, movement, reproduction and conflict in animals/plants/etc).

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