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Adam thinks the future of the ‘net may be in web services after all (I’m not sure I agree):

I also find it verrrrry interesting, and not at all coincidental, that at least two of the above-named applications (Konfabulator and Quicksilver) [Flickr is the other above named application] and possibly all three point towards an emergent theme of my Design Engaged, which is the disappearance of Web sites and standard applications in favor of little distributed chunks of functionality.

(Yeah, I know you’ve heard the “Web services” spiel before. You have reason to be skeptical. But this time it’s actually started to happen, and maybe you’ll find that makes the argument a little more convincing. Certainly when I look at an image from Flickr in an RSS feed, and immediately send it on to someone in an IM window, without ever engaging my Web browser, I get the sense that something epochal is yet again happening. And that, my friends, is fodder for the next discussion.)

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