From today’s Disinfo newsletter:

Key 23 is a new site on magick and related subcultures that features commentary from Jason Louv, Klint Finley and other Disinfo staff and alumni. I’ve had fun checking out their explorations of the chaos tradition and newer ideas. Jason (and Klint) have brought a regenerative perspective to the site, with their interest in magick. My own energies these days are closer to the Digital Eco-Sense study (by Chris Ryan) featured today: creative solutions on how the ‘sustainability agenda’ can inform technology research and development. My hope is that those inspired by Louv and Finley will take this creativity beyond ‘magick’ or ‘subcultures’ into their own lives and new domains. Expect to see new ideas and strange loops in the future.

From my e-mail response to Alex Burns:

Shamanism is about acquiring insight to help the village… A lot of people these days fancy themselves shamans, but do nothing to help the global village in which we all live. Beyond the idea of crafting spells to help the planet, I hope all of us modern mages and shamans will look to higher planes for creativity and ideas that we can share with the activist community and help to put into action. It’s not all about hockus pockus, but flashes of practical insight that can be transfered to the real world.