Japanese Vending Machines

used japanese school girl panties machine

Most of these are pretty mundane, some look extremely useful (like the mobile phone recharger). But then there’s this “used” (?) school girl panties machine. This probably doesn’t do much to fight the western stereotype of the Japanese as a bunch of weirdos, does it?

PhotoMann: Vending Machines

(via Peep Show Stories)

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  1. The used schoolgirl panty machines don’t exist anymore. Even in Japan they were controversial! They weren’t overtly illegal, however the owner of them fail to obtain a vending machine license and they were removed for that reason.

    The business model is actually sortof interesting. High school girls would pick up new panties on their way to school and wear them all day. They’d return them at the end of the day and collect a fee, then the panties were packaged and sold.

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