First in a (belated) series of practical magick and the upcoming opportunity to dethrone George II, let us visit The Green Dragon for some inspiration, straight outta those chaotic days of good old August 2004:

Starhawk recounts:

Our friends with the dragon had offered to help us if we wanted to do a spiral dance in front of the Garden, so as we got near I began drawing the cluster together, speaking to our friends in the Rhythm Workers? Union to coordinate some drumming of a rhythm we could chant to, looking for an open space. We found it, around 33rd St. We dropped back behind the dragon, because the sound system inside it was too loud for our ears. The police are rumored to have a sound weapon that will disperse crowds with painful levels of noise, but this was friendly fire that drove us back. Where the crowd thinned just slightly, we grabbed the opportunity, formed our circle and began to spiral in, chanting,

No army can hold back a thought, No fence can chain the sea, The earth cannot be sold or bought, All life shall be free.

The spiral stopped the already slow march, and I felt guilty about that, but the march had been stopping anyway for hours and we felt another five minutes or so wouldn’t kill anyone. Then some energy roared through me like a freight train, and I stopped feeling anything else. Some of it was horrible, nauseating energy that needed to be released and cleansed. Some of it was powerful, earth energy, a kind of raw life force that pulsed and thundered and rose up into a great, focused cone of power. Someone told me to look behind, and in the relatively empty space between us and the line of cops at 34th St., the dragon was burning.

The flames rose up and in that moment, it seemed a perfect icon of our magic, a powerful spell, although I can?t rationally explain why. Later Delight said the dragon is luck and the Republicans? luck was burning. Of course, it had tactical repercussions…

(… continue with her entire account of witchjamming the RNC.)