So says Mr. Jason Louv:

If you send me an article about “reality not being what it seems to be,” about the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, or something that’s all Crowley or Grant Morrison or Phil Hine pastiche, it’s going in the trash. If it doesn’t send that shiver up my back, it’s going in the trash.

I’m looking to destroy the “occult” as we know it, create a completely new scene in a way that’s meaningful to the world as a whole, kick-start a “mutant race,” make a statement that’ll last a hundred years at least and not have it be bullshit.


I’m just thanking my lucky stars for the chance to do an edit — in light of magickal shakeups in the intervening year since I submitted. Seems that Mr. Louv’s had his fair share: read on of re-entry from “the East,” and then some.