You Might be a Terrorist…

… if you can make complete sense of this 9/11 numerology manifesto.

About its author (from his mouth):

Joe’s research involves crop circles, giant ground markings, the 11:11 coincidences, other strange phenomenon, and universal myths/religions, making it clear that humanity has been on an ascending path that corresponds to the chakra levels of the spiritual body of mankind.

We are nearing a leap to the heart chakra level of consciousness evolution en masse. The ongoing research explains the connections to the great Grand Cross alignment and solar eclipse on August 11, 1999, at 11:11 a.m.


  1. Reminds me of this ebay sale someone posted on Barbelith:

    Welcome to a totally unique auction on eBay.

    This auction is the proof that september 11th 2001 and the recent failed bombing of old trafford was predicted almost 15 years ago by transformers comic scribe Simon Furman.

    I can already hear alot of you laughing of and saying this guy is nuttier than David Icke, but read the information below and see how hard it is to dispell these facts after this.

    Firstly In this auction you will get.

    1) Transformers UK issue 298
    2) Transformers UK issue 300
    3) Transformers UK issue 323 dated 14th sept 1991
    4) Beast wars transformers DVD region 2 refered to in here as “the golden disk”
    5) A vhs video containing an episode of beast wars that sees megatron viewing the World trade centre. Then he sends inferno to get a second golden disk from somewhere on the planet/place that the golden disk’s hidden message sent them to. On this episode inferno retrieves another disk from a large spire and this disk has symbols that appear very similar to egyptian hyroglyphics, well stone me if there isn’t an obelisk in new york’s central park the same height as in the cartoon covered with eygptian hyroglyphs. (this will be the entire episode and then it will be freeze framed after so you can see what i am refering to, as such this will be a simple copy on a blank tape to enable me to freeze frame) You will also recieve pictures of the said obelisk in Central park, called cleopatra’s needle
    6) A detailed description of how you can use all of the above to see how the world trade centre disaster was predicted even down to the time the first plane hit and how it names osama bin laden, also a look at how the bombings of manchester united’s old trafford centre were predicted and and averted, this will come in the form of several comic scans, there are some originals of these comics i am selling on another auction.

    Please note if you are a transformers fan and you win this auction but don’t want the information and comic scans just let me know, but be advised they are included with this auction and there fore free so why not take them
    7) A photocopy of the receipt when i bought the golden disk to prove it predates 9/11 by a month proving this isn’t some hoax after the actual event, again transformers fans will know when these comics were made and will see this is genuine.

    I Thinks that everything now down to something to whet your appetite.

    First off is the original picture Printed in issue 298 that you will get, this shows a story of transformers set in the future the year 2009 (note remember those number 2&9) It erriely shows rodimus prime, the carrier of the matrix hanging between the twin towers of the world trade centre.

    This alone is creepy, others may simply call it a coinsidence, what follows is far from coincidental.

    The next image is from uk issue 300, which carries on with the same story set in the future it shows a time clip saying “T minus 1hour 3minutes 46seconds, if you put all those numbers in order it spells 1346, 13:46, from british writer Simon Furman’s perspective this is the exact time the first plane hit the world trade centre. 13:46. This may be a coincidence again but it makes you wonder.

    The next image is the cover of issue 323 which shows the date 14th September 1991, “hang on a minute” i hear you all say, the twin tower disaster happened on 11th september 2001, thats three days out. Not so, each year is made up of 365 days, so ten years would be 3650 days, add 3650 days onto 14th September 1991, and you will end up at 11th September 2001, this is because there are leap years every four years and so technically 29th day of the second month doesn’t really exist and isn’t counted in each year, only every fourth year, as such this should be taken in to account when reading things like this. Ihope that bit makes sense if not email me for a more detailed description. This story anyway tells of the aftermath of the chaos bringer unicron, when he attacked cybertron he destroyed two small worlds that were part of cybertronain air space. Remeber that as it will be use full later on.

    This alone is what you may call circumstancial evidence, what follows is far from vague.

    I bought the golden disk follwoing a strange dream i had months before where beast wars megatron spoke of a golden disk that was to be found at sixfields (a footbal stadium near where i live in northampton) he also said it would be linked to a playstation one game,(i am pyschic in case any of you are wondering) he also spoke of someone called skyshadow, true enough i found the said playstation one game when i stared a job there in the july of 2001. This lead me to buy this DVD and a strange set of twists and turns and instinct mixed with intuition lead me to discover there is hidden information on the disk, as i was watching the story on episode 38 megatron tells that the golden disk contains a secret message and tells the location of a major energon source, and it can also predict the future, the DVD was a gold colour and seemed disk like to me and i did sense that this was the disk that he spoke of. True enough i found that if you went directly to chapter 2 from the main menu there was a hidden episode of the beast wars. There was also another way to access it, by pressing 9 on the episode selection menu megatrons eyes lit up and showed you the episode.

    So i was left with the number 2 & 9. i was left unsure what these meant. I then looked at the total number of beast wars episodes 52.

    For those of you that havent figured this out yet this is the number of weeks in a year, since the warning of the hidden message was episode 38 i decided to see what week that fell in, this fell in the second week of september, this in itself didn’t really give me any clue. Then i decided to look over my UK issues as i had long been aware of the talents of Mr Simon Furman, for that date all we had was a story written by him telling of the coming of Unicron and how he would destroy “Cybertron.”

    After this i thought it best to reasearch all he had written on Cybertron and Unicron.

    It hit me when i was reading issue 299, i decided on those first because of the numbers 2 & 9

    I found a picture of wreck gar trapped beneath unicron the numbers displayed 2 & 9 yet again.


    The words of exactly what Cybertron was, it is the adopted form of primus, who is the lord of the light gods

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

    c Y b e r t r o N

    l O r d o f t h E l i g h t g o d s

    p R i m u s

    s K y s h a d o W

    Simply read down to get the biggest clue, the very place that a cryptic version of Unicron would attack was described by Simon Furman all those years ago and the final piece had come to me in a dream.

    Now all you sceptics out there tell me that this is mere coinsidence, the odds of finding a word within these three words using only the 2nd and 9th numbers are hard, finding two words parallel to each other is near impossible lest they had been put there, then the odds of them coinsiding with the rest of what was written is impossible to simply dismiss as coinsidence.

    There is also a set of words within these stories using the same code that spells out bin laden’s name. I am not going to write them in here for free, that will be a privelige enjoyed only by the winning bidder.

    So for 9/11 you have…

    A picture of the twin towers with the carrier of the matrix (the last essence of primus) hanging between there smashed remains, drawn 11 years before that picture became reality.

    The very time the first plane hit in the same story

    The words of where the attack by the chaos bringer would strike NEW YORK

    The two objects that he would destroy, two smaller worlds, (If cybertron is new york then then cybertron is a city, and the two smaller worlds would also be cities, and the the world trade centre’s were often called a city within a city)

    The Disk detailing how to decipher all this.

    Now for all the die hard sceptics out there proof that he predicited the Old Trafford bombings

    If in the previous story T minus 1hour 3minutes and 46seconds reffered to time then D might well mean Day

    See the picture relating to D-109, the 109th day of 2004 maybe?? That would have been 18th April 2004

    Now seeing as there were no UK stories that were printed 10 years before, simply look 15years previous as the transformers stories predict things in both 10 and 15 years, primarily 10 years though.

    In issue 213 and 214, dated between 15th April 1989 & 22nd April 1989, they makes reference to a stadium. And issue number one of transformers Generation two there is a clue about B-67, what could B stand for, perhaps bodies, people. What stadium can hold 67 bodies, a very cheap one i thought, so lets expand the 67, maybe 670, or 6700, or maybe 67,000

    All you Manchester United fans out there will know that the stadiums capacity is 67,000 fans.

    You will also know that on the 20th April 2004 Police arrested terrorists for plotting to bomb the Old Trafford grounds.

    I will go into more details and include the whys and wherefore to the winning bidder, but i think that i have proved my point, these comics cleary prove they can show future events before they have happened.

    As news of this spreads how many people will be able to say “I own copies of the proof that 9/11 was preddicted!” I imagine there are many transformers fans that can, but wouldn’t you like some glimpse into future events, these comics if used to predict events from week to week, they are currently around issue 230, this is august 1989 (2004), and they run until 18th feb 1992 (2007), that means there are over 100 more issues to go, thats almost three years of predictions, i can send you information of exactly what to look for in them, how to make sense of the vague and cryptic predictions, and will allways answer emails from anyone who wants to help understand these better.
    To review, you will get the scans of the comics, i will include any other scans that you may want of transformers comics that you consider relevant, I simply didnt have enough room to fit them all on this listing.

    Actual UK comic issues 298, 300 & 323 (not scans real paper comics) and The Beast wars DVD that i have dubbed the golden disk, email for pics if you want some.

    I have more comics for sale see my other auctions.

    Now the boring stuff

    Payment must be made within 14 days or by the time it comes through to me i may no longer have address as my email account will delete emails older than 3weeks. Also i may well relist this auction

    Payment is to be made by cheque, cash or postal order. Please wait for the invoice of where to send to and who to make it out to.

    As i said before any questions and i will try to answer.

    Happy bidding and remember we all have the power to see the future just have to believe and not accept the propaganda that your spoon fed.


    On 24-Aug-04 at 20:24:03 BST, seller added the following information:

    I am also going to add on this auction, instead of a scan issue 319 as pictured above which shows primus lordofthelightgods and cybertron words, so that is 298,300,319 &323 alone these are hard issues to get, this also ends midway through wednesday so don’t lose out by bidding at the last minute, do you realy wanna lose the ability to see the next three years of your life for a couple of pence???? i can tell you there are a lot of people watching this auction,there have been nearly 2000 who have viewed it, if you miss out i will not be listing it again so don’t think you can pick it up again, no one else knows how to read these comics (except mr furman himself) so its unlikely they will come up with the insight i am providing, still answering all your questions as well

  2. i sold this auction any questions or flames just ask

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